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Repairing Water Stained Ceilings

Water stains are a common problem in Massachusetts during the winter season, because ice dams build up on the roof of the house forcing shingles up and forming ice behind gutters. When you get a day that is nice and sunny and above freezing, the ice starts to melt and the water finds its way inside your home. It damages, drywall, paint, insulation, woodwork and - if you don’t attend to it and let it sit for long time - you can create hazardous mold. It also can be a breeding ground for termites.

Frank Demore Painting specializes in repairing water stained surfaces. But before we start any house painting repairs, the most important part of the job is covering the furniture and electronics up with plastic and the floors with drop cloths protecting all surfaces from primer and paint spatter. When everthing is all covered then we can start your patching and priming. After we've patched any peeled up paint then we can seal the water stain with a stain blocking primer. At Frank Demore Painting we only use premium products like Benjamin Moore Paints on all our interior house painting projects. By delivering a sound prep job and using quality materials our painting contractors can guarantee a long lasting paint job.

If you need a professional Hudson painting contractor for a project like the home repairs completed above, please call Frank Demore Painting at 508-598-2424 or complete our online request form.

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