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Oxidized Stain House Painting Project

This unique 15 year old house had a terrible stain oxidation problem that really detracted from its appearance. All exterior painting projects require a solid base before you can restore the final result to a beautiful result. This house was power washed down to the bare wood. A large amount of surface preparation was required including sanding of trim, replacement of damaged boards and shingles.

Protecting surfaces that are not being painted is a top priority for our painting contractors, and if not done correctly will not lead to a final quality result. For this house all the windows, doors, atrium, ground cover, stairs and even the shrubs were protected!

Benjamin Moore Deep Penetrating Start Primer was used in order to deeply protect the wood. It provides a superior base for the paint to stick to. Notice the use of the lift to reach high places! With a solid foundation to build off of two finish coats of an oil based, deep penetrating paint was applied.

Final cleanup of the site included cleaning up everything on the ground cover and cleaning the windows! The end result was such a huge improvement over what the house looked like at the start. I hope you can see the level of detail I provide to all aspects of the job so that the end result is a beautiful finish that will last for many years! Check out the gallery of pictures below to see all the stages of the project.

If you need a professional Hudson painting contractor for a project like power washing and exterior painting, please call Frank Demore Painting at 508-598-2424 or complete our online request form.

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