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Interior Painting in Marlboro

Interior Painting Marlboro

  1. Move furniture
  2. cover furniture with light plastic
  3. cover floors with drop cloths
  4. Remove hardware & switch plates
  5. Perforate walls before stripping paper
  6. Soak wall with wallpaper stripping chemical
  7. Strip two layers of wallpaper & wash glue off walls
  8. Sand all surfaces & tack dust free
  9. Install three window casings
  10. Skim coat walls
  11. Sand walls with dustless sanding system
  12. Wipe all dust off wall & vacuum
  13. Prime all surfaces
  14. Sand all surface
  15. Caulk all surfaces after priming so caulking bonds strongly to substrate..
  16. Apply two coats of Benjamin Moore regal select semi-gloss on all woodwork (doors,door casing, Windows, baseboards, closet shelves, crown moldings)
  17. Apply two coats of Benjamin Moore regal select eggshell on the walls
  18. Install all hardware & switch plates
  19. Vacuum and clean all floors
  20. Remove plastic
  21. Move all furniture back into place

If you need a professional Hudson painting contractor for a project like fixing water stains on ceilings, please call Frank Demore Painting at 508-598-2424 or complete our online request form.

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