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Drywall, Carpentry, and Painting in Hudson, MA

Interior Painting Project in Concord, Ma

Drywall, Carpentry, and Painting in Hudson, MA

  1. Installed new drywall over layers of painted over wallpaper
  2. Removed outdated clamshell woodwork and install new colonial window & door casings with extension jambs.
  3. Removed old baseboards and installed new speedbase.
  4. Installed new crown molding
  5. Blocked doorway with plastic to contain any light dust from traveling through home.
  6. Sanded walls with dustless drywall sander.
  7. Vacuumed walls and wiped down dust free for proper adhesion.
  8. Putty & sand woodwork
  9. Vacuum woodwork & tack dust free
  10. Vacuum entire room before applying primer&finish paint
  11. Shake dropcloths out so we dont get dust in our finish paint
  12. Apply PRIMER on drywall & woodwork
  13. Apply two coat of BENJAMIN MOORE MATTE SCUFF-X on ceiling
  14. Apply two coats BENJAMIN MOORE SCUFF-X on woodwork
  15. Apply two coats of BENJAMIN MOOREEGGSHELL SCUFF-X on walls
  16. Clean up & mop floors

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Hudson, Ma

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